When No One Wanted More

“When No One Wanted More” is the working title for a fictional story about the transitions that would have to be made in a world where materialism is no longer the driving force for the world, and where “growth” is also no longer a guiding vision for the world.

When the main blog isn’t updated, I might be writing here. I will try to make sure I add the date and time to the various updates here. Stay tuned.

30 December 2012

I have been reading Marshall Brain’s Manna (Chapter 1 can be found here). The conclusion is one where robots have solved issues of scarcity, and people are free to develop whatever they want, even if they want to use their credits.

There, the environment issues have been solved, because the products used are recycled. Technologies are rapidly developed as there are little political hindrance. Is such a world really possible? I find the rules to be quite compelling (from Chapter 5):

  1. Everyone is equal
  2. Everything is reused
  3. Nothing is anonymous
  4. Nothing is owned
  5. Tell the truth
  6. Do no harm
  7. Obey the rules
  8. Live your life
  9. Better and better

Are other rules needed?

– End –


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