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The News environment in Singapore

I am unabashedly a fan of NYTime, not because its about New York, but rather in the way it delivers an ecology of information to readers. Going through the website and the blogs, the information within an article is always connected to the information of another article or blog, and within that, there is a tremendous wealth of information available to the reader.

And it seems that journalists in the NYTimes seem to have some degree of autonomy as well. I am thinking of Andrew Revkin, and the work that he has done for the NYTimes in covering environment and climate change issues. I know that there are good journalists who cover specific issues, and I’m wondering if in the near future, ST would provide the administrative and the resource support to journalists to cover their issues in more meaningful ways.

But I would think that the dearth of information awareness reflects too, on the SG populace. Long thought to be as apathetic, I am revising my thoughts on this issue. Its not that Singaporeans are dumb and are not concerned – on the contrary, I would think that Singaporeans are too, interested in the going ons in the world, and they know that the media they are getting are just not supplying the information in the most objective manners, but rather through a tinted glass. But still they go along with it, but, there is also a sizable number of people who seek out the news actively. So there is a demand for good, high quality information, that’s is not being engaged.

I’m not getting into any resolution here, just that there probably is an untapped potential here in terms of the satiating the epistemic hunger in Singaporeans. I’m not going to lapse into ‘Singaporeans deserve the media they get’ kind of arguments, but rather, hoping that a constructive position is attainable…