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gargh! google blogspot has failed me!

For some strange reason, google blogspot failed to display the text box for blogging. So at least for the forseeable future, I’ll be using wordpress for the time being.

Anyhow… I’ll just briefly touch on the issues that I’ve presented a bit on the blogspot page.

But first, I want to talk about a run that I had. It was, I think a run of faith. It was a run where I prayed to God, for myself, and rededicated my life. I am constantly remembered that we are living in His grace, and everything that I have comes solely from him. And that includes the talents, the gifts, even the desires. My response then, is to ask Him about how His work can be done through me.

The other thing that I want to talk about is this developing part of my life in urban planning, social identity, social memory, design, architecture and SG in general. Been floating around circles of planners, architects, and designers, all connected together in this conversation about moving SG into this ‘next phase’ of development. Its not that there are a lot of ideas, its that the same few ideas keep popping up: gardening-food security-community engagement, thinking of cycling of resources and materials, design for community spaces… all these concepts aren’t really new.

Then I was talking to this veteran architects who belonged to this group of architects who were quite activist. I’m blown away by the fact that HDB void decks had to be pushed for as a space for social interactions! And countless other things.

So yeap. The design of places and spaces for social interactions seem to be ignored by both sociologists, human geographers and architects, and it seems that the three disciplines, though interconnected, are still very much disparate in the way they do things.

And of course, there is still that entire part of my life that seems to be withering. It’s about information! Social Information Systems (SIS)! There is a tremendous amount of highly contextual, specific social information in the social spaces where information is exchanged. A Facebook for the neighbourhood, so to speak.

I’m also thinking of an ‘Urban Information System’, something like GIS, or eventhe SIS I mentioned back there… But what would it be, really? It would document the interactions of people with one another – who they said something to, and why, and what happened after that… but that has serious, serious privacy issues. Still, I think about Kevin Kelly’s ‘Internet of Things’ and how…

ok. stop fluffing now.