The Tale of a Monkey and a Bird

Once upon a time there was a monkey and a bird. They were great friends. While munching on fruits on branches, Monkey would chat with Bird. Bird would share stories about flying around the jungles, about the sights he saw, and strange lands that lay beyond. He would tell how the other birds and him would sometimes fly for long distances, and how tiring that could be. If one wasn’t careful, they could fall out of the sky, exhausted.

Monkey would hear these stories with wonder and excitement. His ambition rose within him to want to see the world out there. So he searched for the tallest tree in the jungle. He found one and climbed it with all his strength and might and finally he reached the top and admired the great view. He thought to himself, this surely is the best tree there is, and sat contented there.
The bird was curious to see his friend there. “What are you doing here up high in the treetops?” The monkey replied, “to see the best view from this tallest tree, of course!” The bird was puzzled at that. “Ok, but this is only the view from this tree, and as I fly there are other trees, some even higher than this. Why would this view matter?” The monkey went away, sad.

This is a story that was written for people to appreciate diverse perspectives. There is no status divide between the monkey and bird: they are just different. We all want to think that we can be like the bird with an “overall” perspective, but really, we are all monkeys climbing our own trees. But climbing up, even monkeys can appreciate the finer details of the jungle terrain – a view that the bird, soaring high in the sky, can hardly achieve.

Written with Jiunwen.


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