Announcing a New Series: The Things We Inherit

After the “Hope” and “Fear” posts, I feel that I’ve plateaued in terms of exploring organizations and indicators. Also, the recent posts have been more applied than theoretical. I feel that I haven’t explored the whole topic sufficiently, but at the same time, I do feel a sense of declining marginal returns. So I’m moving on to an adjacent topic, by focusing on The Things We Inherit – looking at the cultural attitudes that we have been given by previous generations, and thinking about how things today are the way they are. Don’t expect long historical essays – but they will be quite historical in nature. With this series of posts, I’ll also need a lot of help from students of Singapore History – there’s still a lot I don’t know – and I’m particularly interested in social history – not the Big Man, Big Politics sort of, but the more mundane type of history. If anyone can point me towards online resources, I’ll be more than grateful.

And then maybe I’ll return to thinking about Singapore’s future after this.

Have a happy weekend!


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