Addendum to “Books I’m Going Through”

To complement the words yesterday, I’m adding a diagram that I hope illustrates how the disciplines link to one another.


First I introduce the idea that there different kinds of operating environments – there is the internal environment, which organizations have a lot of control over; there’s the transactional environment, which organizations have some control over; and there’s the contextual environment, which organizations have least control over.

On that, I overlay the disciplines:

In the zone of internal environmentorganizational studies is useful to learn about how decisions are made;

In the zone of transactional environmentcomplexity and systems dynamics are useful to learn about the relationships between things;

In the zone of the contextual environmentfutures is useful to think about how to respond to potential events.

On top of that, I have the words, SPACE, RELATIONSHIPS and TIME. I adapt this from Ronfeldt’s ruminations about Space Time and Action. Organizations are centralized entities internally oriented in SPATIAL terms; the transactional environment is all about the RELATIONSHIPS between entities, functions, and actions; the contextual environment is about an orientation towards TIME.


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