What I would tell my Freshmen self

  1. Life’s a riot. You think you know where you’re headed to and then something happens that takes you in an unanticipated, unexpected direction. Be open to where life can take you.
  2. Grades are only as important as you make them to be. There’s more to life than mugging. Help out in community projects. Volunteer. Attend things you didn’t regard as significant. Learn from those who’ve gone before you. Start a new project. Be brave and plunge into the unknown.
  3. Persist. Things take time to develop. Give the time to think things through. Don’t wait for things to happen. Do your best but also recognise that things have their own timing. Persist at something you want to achieve. Networks need persistence and time to grow. Maintain them. 
  4. Give, and keep giving, because you never know what you might receive in return. Treasure the people around you and give them your attention and presence.
  5. Be ready to change your mind, and give others the chance to change theirs. You will meet all sorts of people – those with perspectives you’ve never heard of before. Your ideals and values could change. So be ready to change your mind, and give others the chance, even if they don’t. 

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