In Liminal Space

This is probably not the first time I'm saying this out, but the liminality of my present life status continues to exert pressure. "Liminality" is the sense of being in two psychological states, or so Wikipedia tells me (quoted from Victor Turner). I'm using the word in a difference sense though, because this has got very little to do with religion. Actually, this liminality has more to do with having "different lives". When in school, I'm not just a student, but someone who has been able to make connections with the outside world, and trying to find ways to make the different worlds connect in ways that will be productive to peers. I have interests and hobbies that could become full-time jobs, or at least that seems to be the trajectory given my extensive readings in strategy, technology, and all the rest of it. This is the life that is full of tension, which keeps me on the edge, which I suspect, also drains me psychologically, especially when support is not as accessible as I would like it to be. Yet in a way, it's also a life that calls, haunts, or evokes something in me, that drives me towards what I'm doing now. I attribute that to God; I'm not sure if any worldly motivation could have brought me this far, this much.

Friends, thanks for being on this journey with me, for tolerating and forgiving of my flaws, and my failures. For cheering with me in successes, for just walking, during the mundane.



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