Passion hurts

There are many things to be said about passion. There are several books out in the market telling people how to 'acquire' a passion on the route to success. I'm personally of the opinion that most of the stuff out there is pure BS.

I'm currently inclined to the perspective that passion hurts. Having, or living out their passions or convictions can cause one to be alienated from friends and from present circumstance. A lot of times, doing, or developing that area of intense interest causes people to suffer hurts, because the process itself is painful. Priorities become distorted, and one often has to make difficult decisions on various fronts. As is often said, passion means pain. And that resembles the everyday reality more than the stuff of rainbows and unicorns.

To live out passions and convictions can and do lead to death. Be careful what you wish for, if one is lacking in direction or purpose. To live out a passion is to embark on a journey of pain and suffering, of uncertain rewards, and unfulfilled sacrifices. Finding, and living out a passion is not a joke.  

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