Generational divides

Generational divides There are tremendous differences in the way people born in the 50s and those born in say the 80s. The main difference lie in how they perceive the importance of the extended family. I personally don’t care much about the relevance of the extended family because my immediate family is much smaller than the family sizes of my parents and grandparents. I suspect that the increase in education levels have led to increase in career and job opportunities without the need of the clan/extended family connections. The situation of parents and grandparents are vastly different, however. Without education, and without the corresponding opportunities, parents and grandparents have had to rely precisely on those clan/extended family connections. Which explains why I’m stuck attending big family gatherings thrown by ostentatious relatives flaunting their wealth. The other thing that’s very different, but less distinct, is the perception of the importance of material values. I suspect that people born in the 1980s are less status conscious than parents. That is however, just s hunch. Or rather, the benefits that come with material abundance are more equal, instead of the relatively scarcity of material accumulation in the past. The material and status consciousness that we inherit is a throwback to the past of needing to prove that we have outdone others, and in an era of relative egalitarian conditions, such differences might matter less; on the other hand, the super rich become the focus of the collective envious.

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