Political Parties as the Ultimate Social Enterprise

This strange thought floated into my head (as things usually do while doing something mundane). 

I had this thought about comparing MICA (for those who don't know, MICA is Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts) to any Corporate Communications department of any large company.

Following that mapping, one can imagine well, how HR is MCYS/MOM and so on. 

So that was one line of thought. 

The other line of thought is: if so, what makes government any different from a corporation? Then the answer seems obvious: any government would also have to deliver non-tangible goods – and I thought that nicely translates to the idea that in Social Enterprises, there are non-economic bottomlines as well, such as in the improvements of development indicators and so on.

So there you go! Perhaps this is could be a post to get people thinking about their pitches…


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