the possibilities of writing – renewed

I might be overlapping some content, but I won’t care.

I had written about some of the writing projects that I would like do, and the global-traveling is one of them. Documenting how people in the world are being helped, or are simply being resilient in their lives, and to inspire kids back in Singapore that the issues are real, the suffering is real, but more than that, there are ways to contribute.

That’s how I want to defeat apathy in Singapore, and I realise that the only way to do that, is to embrace empathy. Share the experiences on twitter and blogs, and then coming back to share personal stories of how the entire ordeal was done, to inspire generations of Singaporeans.

The phrase ‘changing the world’ should really be about changing the hearts of people, and there is only one real way to do it, is by some form of service to them. And defeating apathy, is really about the changing of the heart, from being ignorant, to being empathetic and loving.

I don’t even care whether it’s possible for now, but it is possible, and it requires sheer dedication and planning to get it done, as well as preparations to handle emergencies. But eventually, someone crazy-enough will do it, and that person will be a trailblazer for others to follow. It could be anyone.

Other than that, I would also like to start other writing projects, but they are conceptually problematic.

1. A guide to knowledge. How public intellectuals are shaping the debate. It’ll include Steven Pinker and Jared Diamond, for sure, I think.

2. Also thinking of a book about how messed up the world is, but that it doesn’t have to stay the same. Might be related to that globe-trotting project.

As usual, many exciting ideas, but I’ll end up not doing them, or putting them indefinitely on hold. Unless someone seriously bugs me about it.


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